All Peas.

All Crumb.

Introducing breadcrumbs made from only one ingredient: peas.

Veggies that everyone can enjoy!

AGT Foods is proud to introduce Veggicrumb, a breadcrumb replacement made from one ingredient: peas.

Veggicrumb is a delicious, clean label crumb with all the functionality of breadcrumbs and none of the allergens.

Now available for food manufacturers!

Single ingredient formulation

Made from 100% dry peas


No eggs, dairy or animal products — just peas


Formulated using a proprietary process with no genetically modified ingredients.


Certified Gluten-Free by leading celiac awareness organizations.

Made in the USA

100% American-made in Minot, North Dakota.

What is Veggicrumb?

Veggicrumb, made from 100% dry peas, is a unique product designed to replace breadcrumbs in everyday foods.

Veggicrumb is non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free — not to mention delicious!

Potential Applications

  • Retail, food service and industrial applications
  • Replaces breadcrumbs in breaded food applications (chicken, fish, vegetables, etc.)
  • Retains crunchy texture after frying
  • Excellent water absorption as a binder in ground meat applications (sausage, burgers, etc.)

About AGT Foods

AGT Foods is a leading producer and supplier of ingredient flours, proteins, fibres and starches derived from pulses for premium food markets and food companies around the globe.

Our Production Facility – Minot, ND

  • Commissioned for production in June 2013
  • Five current production lines, with future enhancements planned
  • Extrusion capabilities for extruded products
  • Features modification processes including deflavouring lines, precooking lines, sterilization lines and blending facilities
  • Veggicrumb™ line launched Fall 2018
  • Veggipasta™ line launched Fall 2019
  • Texturized Pulse Protein (TPP) line launched Fall 2019

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